29 June 2007

Book Review: Imparatorluklarin Baskenti Istanbul

Title: Imparatorluklarin Baskenti Istanbul Gezginler icin Iznik-Bursa-Edirne Rehberi ile birlikte
Writer: Jane Taylor
Year: 2000
Pages: 460

I bought this book from Imge Bookstore in Ankara bur it is available on online bookstore ideefixe also.
The book is composed of 18 chapters.The last three are on Iznik,Bursa and Edirne while the first 15 are on beauties of Istanbul.
Chapters are on city walls of Istanbul, Early and Late era Byzantium churches.Seperate chapters are devoted to Hagia Spohia,Chora Church and Topkapi Palace.Mentions the Ottoman era churches and ends with seperate chapters for Pera,Uskudar and Bogazici.
The books gives detailed descriptions and maps of places also very useful history information is presented regarding those places.

14 June 2007

Russian language classes completed

Six months of Russian language at Ankara Doruk is completed.Now I can say "Я понимаю по-русский".