25 June 2009

Alla Pugacheva

I found two of her albums on the net.One is titled Best of Alla Pugacheva (2006) but i did not find such an album on any sources:) And the other is even worse, its name is only alla so I don't know which albums i am talking about but i like two albums of her :)

I like Million Roz,Primadonna,Arlekino,Madam Broshkina ...

See this blog for more info on her.

17 June 2009

Movie Review: Ironiya Subdy- Irony of fate (1975)

I have downloaded this movie sometime ago and heard about it at few places as a nice sample of Russian cinema. IMDB point is 8.7
It was waiting in my queue of 'Russian movies to bee seen' .

Last issue of Russian Life Magazine contained a list of 10 Russian Movies to be seen which included this one also so I decided to watch it immediately.By the way the list of the magazine can be seen on this link.

The topic is funny and can only be seen in Soviet Union, it is new years eve, Zhenya's marriage proposal is accepted by Galya but he gets too drunk during celebrations and goes to Leningrad by accident :)

Well...it is Soviet era,all buildings look same even in different cities, and cities share same street names...his key opens the door of the apartment in Leningrad on the street having the same name of his house in Moscow and the fun begins...

Movie Review: Catherine the Great(1995)

Yet another movie on some part of History of Russia. Nice coincidence that Catherine Zeta Jones is starring as Catherine the Great:)

As the name implies the movie is on the empress of Russia. She was married to Peter III who is far from being a rule and under strong influence of others. Catherine starts a power strugle which ends with her being an empress.

Nice movie(even though it is not well known ),nice costumes, on Russia..AND you will see young&lovely Zeta Jones...so...see it:)

Movie Review: Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)

I came across this movie during my search on movies about Anastasia and Romanovs. The movie was nominated for 6 Oscars and got 2 in 1972 including Best Costume Design.

These two different covers are the original cover and the cover of the DVD release.

The movie tells the story of last tsar NicholasII and his wife Alexandra together with their kids ofcourse.

Tsar Nicholas' wrong desicions and bad luck lead to the Bolshevic revolution, soon after they are arrested as a family and sent to exile which will lead to their executions...

I found the movie quite interesting, although there are complaints on the net that the historical facts laid out are not always correct in the movie. I still consider it worth seeing even if for the great costumes and imperial athmosphere.

If you saw the movie and liked it or interested in the end of imperial Russia and Romanovs you might like the movie Anastasia or diary of Anastasia or the documentation named "Assasination of Tsar Nicholas II" or the book Romanov Prophecy which is a fiction book.

10 June 2009

5000 visitors in 8 months

In my previous blog entry, I announced visitors from 100 countries, this time I will announce the number of visitors as 5000 starting from the time I installed the counter which is 8 months (September 2008).

06 June 2009

Movie Review: 9th Company/9 Rota (2005)

During my web search on Turetsky Gambit I saw this movie as the most popular movie of 2005 outnumbering the Turetsky Gambit. With T.G $18M as the second and 9 Rota or 9th Company being the one with $25M according to this link.

And Dinc Arslan's Turkish Invasion was publishing posts on Afgan-Soviet war those days due to the anniversary so the topic gained my interest and I downloaded it together with some other Afgan war films which I reviewed here before.

I just had time to see this , it is quiete a nice war movie, a group of young boys are sent to war in Afganistan after a short traning and the movie shows their drama together with the Soviet Army and Soviet System.

The IMDB point is also high as 7.4/10.

Book Review: 1984 by Orwell

Well...I have 2 different and completely oppposite views about this book :) I could not decide on it

First View: The book is good. In 1949 when the world was unaware of the Stalin crimes[I accept that they were exposed in 1956 during the famous 20th congress] he depicted everyhing like a phophecy,the Party, Innerparty[politburo], ThoughtPolice[KGB], Big Brother[Cult of Personality] ,Forced-labour camps, purges, show trials and so on...

Second View: Why is this book so popular/important? some even adress it as the best product of 20th century English Literature but it is just a fictionary novel telling the life under a dictatorship with great clues from the Stalin-Era USSR, so what? what makes it so special?