28 July 2008

Metallica in Istanbul!

On 27th of July Istanbul hosted a fantastic concert, Metallica. The starting time was announced as 21:00 and the concert started around 21:30.Till the end of the concert at 23:30 they did not even give a single break! They got on the stage started rocking people one song after another till the end.

All the songs were choosen from the good old Metallica albums, Kill 'Em All,Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, Justice For All and The Black Album. Not a single song was present from those Load&Reload crap,even St.Anger was absent.I think that made the concert such good.The audience loved the selection and contributed all songs with no exception.
I guess this concert is the very best answer to the comments regarding their age and performance.

Ulrich said that Istanbul treated Metallica very well and they promise to come back again.
After the concert I read many music journalists commenting this one as the best concert Istanbul has ever seen.

26 July 2008

Archangel (2005)

I learned about this movie [in fact it is a 3 episode mini tv series] from a Digiturk advertisement, unfortunately the hours were not suitable for me so I missed.After huge efforts I found all 3 episodes of Archangel.

Last James Bond ,Daniel Craig is a professor on Soviet history and one day an old soviet soldier secretly tells him that Beria hid something from private safety box of Stalin immediately after Stalin died.

So our professor starts searching for this item which will lead him to many troubles and adventures.
I liked the movie,senario etc but the ending was so simple and disappointing but i still recommend it.

I watched this movie on my laptop in a THY plane from Moscow to Istanbul :)

04 July 2008

Hieronymus Bosch - The Delights of Hell (2003)

Hieronymus_Bosch The Delights of Hell (2003) is a documentary of one of the greatest artists, Bosch. This BCC Four program is about a Bosh exhibition in Roterdam which Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands also visits,shows information about paintings,how they are protected, renovated, transported and sure many nice info about details of Bosch paintings.Upper, you may find some screen caps.

Across the Soviet Union with Greg Grainger

This is an outdated and old documentary but I still enjoyed watching it as a nostalgia. They travel among St.Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev,Odessa and Georgie.

Although the title is 'Across the Soviet Union',I believe that the footage is sooner.People on the street talk about leadership of Gorbachev and I strongly had the impression that it was glasnost days at USSR but at some point the narrative uses the term 'C.I.S' so...

There is a short informative page about this documentary/

03 July 2008

History Channel Presents: Man of Steel

I found this documentary from History Channel named "Stalin: Man of Steel", a 90 min documentary on Stalin and his era.
Interviews with the people who lived during Stalin times were interesting but there was no new information of scene in this documentary,just a repeat of everything that is already on many books.

02 July 2008

Doktor Jivago (1965) Movie

I have heard about the novelist Boris Pasternak and the movie based on his novel by Omer Serif but never considered watching since I am not fond of watching old movies. But I came across the authors name once more in the book "Bahtiyar Ol Nazim" which I have reviewed previously in this topic.

Anyway I decided to watch this movie and luckily enough I saw in in a local DVD store.This is a very long movie [3 hours and 10 minutes if I don't recall wrong] but a nice watch. I was not bored in any part.

Of course here is the IMDB link of the movie which has 8.0/10.0 points based on more than 21 thousand votes

01 July 2008

Anastasia (1956) Movie

After I read the book "Anastasya, Son Granduses" I figured out that there was a 1956 dated movie named Anastasia by Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brynner about the story of Anna Anderson who claimed to be the real Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.

Now I see that it's been nearly a year since I wrote the review about the book but at last I found the movie and watched it which was quiete good for a 1956 movie.
I recommend this movie to the ones interested in this topic or Romanovs in general.And here is the IMDB link.