05 October 2009

Mehmet on Aeroflot's magazine!

My dear friend Mehmet Senvar-who has been living and working in Moscow for some time- has a blog that he shares in impressions and hints on Moscow as an insider.

His blog as listed in Aeroflot's journal , mentioned in the list of best expat blogs! You may see the details here.

Congratulations! Mehmet.

04 October 2009

Gruz 200 -Cargo (2007)

Another very nice movie from the Russians! This movie, Gruz 200, was shot in 2007.The events take place in 1984, a young girl is kidnapped by a mad police officer... I liked the Soviet air of the movie, the houses,steets, clothes...nice thriller.

The director Aleksey Balabanov is also the director of famous Brat movie which I reviewed shortly here,this time he made a better jog.

Sovyet Rusya Imparatorlugu (1967)

This book, published in 1967 contains observations of Samet Agaoglu - a right wing politician in Turkey at that time - during his visit to Soviet Union.

His observations are generally on high bureaucracy of the Soviets and the unefficiency of the system, poitical pressure on people especially the Turk and Muslim comunities, lack of necessary goods for the masses...I think most his observations were correct.It was a nice read, I must admit I was not expecting this in the beginning...the book was good