22 August 2010

Igla (1988)

This '88 Soviet Movie is in fact not very interesting, its only point is the main actor is Victor Tsoi and this makes this movie important, worth seeing.

For those who do not know him: He is one of the pioneers of Russian Rock with his group Kino during Perestroika years. You can watch his song "A star called sun"
I personally did not like his songs in the movie very much, but for some reasons I understand that Russians love him.

The wall above, people who know Moscow will easily recognize, is on Arbat Street, it is a memorial site for Victor Tsoi who died on a car accident at the age of 28.

I found the movie here.

edit:in the meantime I liked this Kino song very much : ЗВЕЗДА ПО ИМЕНИ СОЛНЦЕ

21 August 2010

Some Russian Songs

Other than Инфинити, there are several very good Russian pop songs, I would like to share some of them with you.
ВИНТАЖ is a very good group, here are some songs of the group that I like.

I came into this X-Mode & DJ Nil in my 2005 trip to Moscow, their album is for sale on amazon.com but unfortunately their music videos are not widely available here is one of my favorites La Peregrinacion. I also love their song Leto!.

Turkish music listeners will immediately recognize this song Капкан from group Пропаганда . For those who insist not to recognize here is the Turkish video.

Beautiful Russian Madonna Valeriya Perfilova has many lovely songs, here is only one sample:
Капелькою .

AND last but not the list, this great song...Whenever I went to a club/bar in Moscow this song was played at least once! I always wondered what is was but i could not find out since i could not understand a word:) Now I accidentally came across this song and happily know what it is :
"Музыка нас связала" from the Group Мираж.It is very good, give it a chance i am sure you will like.

Note: I have written about Alla Pugacheva already in a previous post so i don't repeat one more time here.

18 August 2010


I love Инфинити !!!.

This must be my first sentence of a topic on Инфинити, because I have their both albums "Где ты" and Я так хочу(2010) and they are great!. They are both excellent, all the songs, yes all songs with no exception are great in these albums.

Both albums are very very good.Try to find them both.

The official site of Инфинити is http://www.infiniti-music.ru/ and you can listen them on http://infinity.pdj.ru/.

Here is the official Infiniti youtube channel: INFINITIofficial.

Here are some of the music video of this great group, I guarantee that you will like.

15 August 2010

Юленька (2009)

Not a superb movie, but still can be seen to spend some time. Note the small girl's(Darya Balabanova) acting skills.

I am quoting the plot from IMDB : "A university professor, who wants to slow down a little, moves with his wife and daughter, from the big city to a small town and starts a new job as a teacher in a girls' gymnasium. Something weird is happening with the class, they seem to hide a secret. As it turns out, these girls don't play with dolls, they make a toy of human lives - and soon teacher's life and family are jeopardized by something evil. And whether he'll be able to get out of this nightmare, depends solely on a little girl, who claims: "all I wanted is my mommy to be happy"

1612: Khroniki smutnogo vremeni (2007)

The Time of Troubles (Russian: Смутное время, Smutnoye Vremya) was a period of Russian history comprising the years of interregnum between the death of the last Russian Tsar Feodor Ivanovich of the Rurik Dynasty in 1598 and the establishment of the Romanov Dynasty in 1613. At the time, Russia was occupied by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Dymytriads, and suffered from civil uprisings, usurpers and impostors. [From Wikipedia ]

So, the movie taked place in those times were a slave[serf] becomes a hero during the war against the Poles.A historical movie with war scenes with humor in it, I liked this warm movie.Not a bloody war movie, recommended for everyone.IMDB page is here.


Another anti-soviet propaganda book, the author which is himself a KGB officer also, claims that Russians forced Germans to attack them.He claims that due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact Hitler had confidence in Russia that there won't be a war among these two.But Stalin planned to attack Germans suddenly and made preparations for this purpose, Germans sensed this an prepared a sudden counter attack....Details are here

A Sister's Kiss - Potseluy sestry (2007)

A 50mins Russian Drama,I am quoting the plot from its IMDB page:

Masha, 16, meets Anya, 14, after a difficult breakup with her boyfriend. Anya is friendless, lonely, finding Masha more experienced and seductive. The two see a strange connection in each other which becomes an intense love-affair. Too late, the girls find out the fathers who have been missing from their lives are one and the same man.

19. Yüzyıl Siyasi Tarihi - Fahir Armaoglu

1200 pages of 19th Century Political History, read the contention among England, Germany, France, Austria and Russia for world politics and specifically for the great lands of Ottoman Empire that is just about to collapse.

The very thick book is in hard-cover with a very low price compared to its value.See the details here. I am planning to start the next volume of 1200 pages, 20th century political history, here.