22 August 2010

Igla (1988)

This '88 Soviet Movie is in fact not very interesting, its only point is the main actor is Victor Tsoi and this makes this movie important, worth seeing.

For those who do not know him: He is one of the pioneers of Russian Rock with his group Kino during Perestroika years. You can watch his song "A star called sun"
I personally did not like his songs in the movie very much, but for some reasons I understand that Russians love him.

The wall above, people who know Moscow will easily recognize, is on Arbat Street, it is a memorial site for Victor Tsoi who died on a car accident at the age of 28.

I found the movie here.

edit:in the meantime I liked this Kino song very much : ЗВЕЗДА ПО ИМЕНИ СОЛНЦЕ

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