24 October 2010

Vor- Thief (1997)

This movie was nominated as the Best Foreign Language Movie in Oscar, European Film Awards, Golden Globe and many others, see the IMDB page for all list. It has a total o 7 awards in several organizations.

It is a nice and warm movie, Sanya's father is dead, they meet a soldier on a train with her mother, romance starts between the soldier and mother and they start to live together but it appears that he is not a real soldier but a thief!

I liked this one and highly recommend.IMDB

Voditel dlya Very -A Driver for Vera (2004)

This nice movie reminded me the Turkish movies of 60s, a young soldier is assigned as a driver for a Soviet Army General in 1962 in Sevastopol, Crimea, General's daughter is physically disabled and has a hard-spoilt personality but later a romance starts between these two...

Doesn't it remind you Ayhan Isik and Belgin Doruk concept:)

it was a nice movie, I can recommend this one to everybody.

4 (2005)

I did not understand much from this movie, this might be another sample representing that i am not an arts guy:) because it has several awards
see IMDB link

06 October 2010

Sorok Pervy -The Forty-First (1956)

During Russian Civil war, a Red Army unit captures an important white officer who is believed to carry important information from Kolcak to Denikin [both are white commanders].

The only female member of the team is a sniper who has shot 40 whites already but misses this 41th but takes him prisoner...after many events a romance occurs between this two..

DVD of this movie is also sold on amazon.com and more movie info is available on IMDB and wikipedia. I personally liked this idea.