31 October 2007

Book Review: Rusya Tarihi Baslangictan 1917'ye Kadar

Title: Rusya Tarihi Baslangictan 1917'ye Kadar
Writer: Akdes Nimet KURAT (Prof. Dr.)
Year: 1999
Pages: ~1000

I bought this book from Turk Tarih Kurumu sales office when I was in Ankara.The has a nice price(nearly 10YTL for this thick book).
The book starts around year 800 and describes the nation formation phase of the Russians.Gives states established by Russians and the wars, the emperors...etc till the October Revolution.Nice to read if you are interested in details of Russian History.Here is the Pandora link to the book to buy online.

17 October 2007

Two boring books

I bought and read two more books from Ideefixe but they were so boring,now i will start 'Mavi Evdekiler' hope this one is good.You may click on the images to go to product pages on Ideefixe.

04 October 2007

Those were the days

It's been more than a year since I interrailed.Nice to look at pics,I wish I can do it again.