21 February 2010

Romanovlar - Bir Hanedanin Sonu

I guess the book title tells everything: Romanovs- End of a Dynasty . The books starts with days even before Nicholas ascends to throne, the political and economical background is presented, then tells the Nicholas rule, his wife Alexandra, Rasputin, internal politics, his resistance to forming Duma-parliament, and the end of him and his family.This is the only book among many that I read telling the end of Romanovs in this detail,generally this chapter is explained in one paragraph ,revolution takes place and whole family is executed, this book has more than that,better details, longer version of story, their exile days...

12 ( 2007 Russian Movie)

12 is a very interesting movie! 12 people are members of a jury, locked down in a place to decide on a case,trivial case at first sight a Chechen boy kills his Russian step-father who is also a Russian army officer. The movie is takes place in a single place, the room that they are locked and there are mainly 12 characters, the jurors so easy to follow.I liked this movie,it is different and interesting, definitely recommended.Check the IMDB page here, nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe.

Ankara'da bir Sovyet Ajani

Although the book title implies memories of a Soviet Spy in Turkey, this is not the case, I guess the title is chosen for marketing reasons.The book is on a KGB agent who was unhappy with the soviet system so voluntarily gave USSR secrets to 'western world'. During his KGB days his way also crossed with Ankara- capital of Turkey, that's all.Anyway, I briefly outlined he subject of the book,it is a real life spy story after all, so good to read.