23 November 2007

Book Review: Kirmizi Bisiklet

Title: Kizmizi Bisiklet
Writer: Can Dundar
Year: 2005
Pages: 200

This book,full of emotions,is consisted of articles from Can Dundar about being a father,his relationships with this father and his relationships with his son was a father, his thoughts and worried about rising his son and his future.Nice to read,short book.
The Ideefixe link to the book is here.

My recent experiences with online booksellers

Ideefixe used to be my first stop when I deciced to buy a book or search for a topic, recently I had problems finding books that I wanted on that site, so I experienced a few.Here are my first impressions

Ilke Kitap: I was looking for Ahmet Sel's Moskova Insanlari photograph book and none of the other online sellers had this book in their stocks, i saw the book listed on that site and i decided to email them whether to place an order or not.They replied very quicky stating that the book is available and order can be submitted.Great! I placed the order on Friday afternoon and I had the book on Tuesday morning,very fast service. http://www.ilkekitap.com

Pandora: I had similar experience with Pandora,I was looking for Elde var Moskova by Suat Taspinar,another book out of stock from all retailers. The book was listed as available but it was missing in the Beyoglu shop's online stock inquiry so I emailed them also.In one week I got an email message sayin "We supplied the book you are asking,you can not order it".I emailed back that I wanted to buy the book from Bogazici shop and they replied we are sending the book to Bogazici branch,you can gather from the shop in 3 hours.Great service.! Thanks to pandora. http://www.pandora.com.tr

Kitap Yurdu: I placed an order for 3 books and a VCD, all were listed as available and estimated suppy period was listed as 4 days.I submitted the order on Tuesday and when I checked my order on next Monday the status of all items were:Supplied but status of my order was pending for shipment.I emailed them and asked why my order is not shipped for 6 days.One day later they replied that my order is 'Ready to be shipped' and only Wednesday I got my books,so it took 8 days not 4 for the order to be arrived. http://www.kitapyurdu.com

Conclusion: After the great customer satisfaction that Pandora provided,they are my first destinaton for books from now on.I will also consider IlkeKitap if I can not find what I am looking for at Pandora.

21 November 2007

5th time in Moscow

At last,on my 5th visit to Moscow, I had a chance to visit Kremlin.

Book Review: Anastasya

Title: Anastasya, Son Granduses
Writer: Caroly Meyer
Year: 2003
Pages: 208 (Hardcover)

The book is the diary of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia who was murdered when she was 17 together with her whole family.

I bought the book from kitapyurdu.

The book is not so exciting if you are not into history or Romanovs, but what happened after her death is very interesting,see the below wikipedia entries for more info.

Here is the Ideefixe link to the book.

14 November 2007

Book Review: Moskova Insanlari

Title: Moskova Insanlari
Writer: Ahmet Sel
Year: 2003
Pages: 112

I searched soo hard for this book and could not find it from even the publisher of the book.
Mailed to several online bookstores and all replied :out of stock
I mailed the book author and he said the books is sold out in Turkey long time ago and directed me to the French original from amazon.fr.At last I found it at ilkekitap.com and mailed them hopelessly asking if the book exists in their stock and YES! they mailed me the book in two days.

This is a collection of photographs with a paragraph-length story of the people.If you are into photograph-arts it may be more valuable for you.The stories of post-soviet people are also nice to read.

Here is the Ilke Kitap link to the book,buy it when you still can.

13 November 2007

Book Review: Merhaba Rusya

Title: Merhaba Rusya
Writer: Hakan Aksay
Year: 2005
Pages: ~150
This great book is written by journalist Hakan Aksay who has been living in Moscow for 22 years.During my 5th visit to Moscow, I stayed at Credit Europe Bank's flat for 16 days and my housemate had this book.This is a short book(nearly 150 pages) but contains most necessary and introductory information about Russia.
The books is sponsored by Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow and unfortunately, i could not find it in Turkey.