14 November 2007

Book Review: Moskova Insanlari

Title: Moskova Insanlari
Writer: Ahmet Sel
Year: 2003
Pages: 112

I searched soo hard for this book and could not find it from even the publisher of the book.
Mailed to several online bookstores and all replied :out of stock
I mailed the book author and he said the books is sold out in Turkey long time ago and directed me to the French original from amazon.fr.At last I found it at ilkekitap.com and mailed them hopelessly asking if the book exists in their stock and YES! they mailed me the book in two days.

This is a collection of photographs with a paragraph-length story of the people.If you are into photograph-arts it may be more valuable for you.The stories of post-soviet people are also nice to read.

Here is the Ilke Kitap link to the book,buy it when you still can.

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