24 May 2006

ZAAL '96 Graduates met after 10 years

1996 graduates of Zonguldak Ataturk Anatolian High School met in Zonguldak after 10 years.
It was a lovely and warm meeting. The list of attendees was Ulas,Seba,Banu,Ayca,Vural,Serdar(&wife),Hakan(&wife),Melih,Sertan,Ozge,Ceyda,Ozgur.

We first met at SahilCafe on the beach side, as the sun grew hotter we went to Doktorlar Lokali at Fener, we talked till the evening and decided to meet for breakfast the next morning an Iliksu. Iliksu beach side has changed a lot, several places offer bruch now.

22 May 2006

Steps to interrail: 3

The hardest step to interrail is completed. I got the Schengen visa from the Netherlands.Now all I have to do is to wait till the flight date. Let me briefly tell the steps for visa.

I read through the web page of missions of the Netherlands in Turkey. Their site has a word document listing the required documents for visa application. It listed lots of lots of documents. I collected them, also I went to their place and asked for a Visa application form which also had a list of documents for visa application.

I went to Anadolu Sigorta for travel insurance and the insurance for European States valid for one month costed me 16EUR.

Finally I went to their place again to apply for the visa, 35EUR visa fee should be payed for the application and my visa was ready in 2 days.

The previous step.

10 May 2006

Fener-Balat region tour

Last week I attended Fener-Balat region tour with Istanbul Travel Club. As far as I understand this region was the old Istanbul and mainly where the non-muslim folk of the Ottoman Empire lived. It is full of historical places, mostly churches.

And don't forget the Vatican of the Orthodox community, the Fener Greek Patriarche.

The Greek High School near the Patriarche.

Also nearly Pieere Loti's Cafe has a great view although it is hard to climb there:)

In brief,I can say that the region is really lovely and historic.