13 May 2008

1 exibition 3 books

Yapi Kredi Arts Center hosted a great exibition,materials of Nazim Hikmet during his life in Moscow.It was a nice one,if you are interested in history,old books,old photos,old stuff...

The photos of these materials are published in a book " Şehrime Ulaşamadan Bitirirken Yolumu
Nazım ve Vera Moskova'dan İstanbul'a
". If you missed the exibition,you can still see the items,but on photo this time.

After the exibition,I went to the bookstore of Yapi Kredi Publishing which is in the sama building with the exibition hall,I bought two books.

The first one is Bahtiyar Ol Nazim, it is memoirs of Vera Tulyakova with Nazim Hikmet,I liked this book very much,it tells how much they loved each other,the problems they faced during soviet times...etc.It was nice to read.

The second book is " Bakü'ye Gidiyorum Ay Balam Nazım Hikmet'in Azerbaycan'daki İzleri (1921- 1963)",it is more about literature history, the poems of Nazim and its effects in Soviet/Azeri/World literature.It was kinda boring for me...