24 May 2009

Movie Review: Havana (1990)

Havana,Cuba in 1958...American gambler is in Cuba for a big poker game but the Castro revolution is coming,he falls in love with a lady helping revolutionists...

Old movie,from 1990 but Robert Redford is the lead role with Sydney Pollack as director,IMDB rating is low as 5.8 but still worth seeing if you have free time to see the pre-revolution athmosphere in Cuba.

08 May 2009

Movie Review: Stilyagi (2009)

I heard about this movie from a Russian friend, lucky me! I did not hear about this great movie anywhere else!! I was nearly missing this great movie.

The movie is about a group of young people known as Stilyagi[the snobs] who admire American style[clothes,music..] and want to be stylish as Americans in USSR during 50s. They face pressure from society, even from their own families and also pressure from communist idealists and the state.

The movie is great! I liked it very very much.The songs among all the movie are great, the actors are great, the lead actor and actress are wonderful roleplayers. The theme is nice, fun and romantic.Do not miss it.

The movie is not totaly fictional, as I understand from this wikipedia link,there were Stilyagi in USSR. The official site of the movie, stilyagifilm.ru also has black and white photos of Stilyagi from the USSR days.

The pretty actress starring as Polza is also Lilja of Lilja4Ever. She is also filming a movie named Antalya in Kemer/Antalya accoring to IMDB. She also took part in The Bourne Supremacy.

Long story made short: See the movie!