11 August 2006

Train Supplements

An interrailer's main concern is the extra costs,most importantly supplements that you have to pay on certain trains in addition to your interrail ticket.
Below, I list the supplements being payed during our interrail trip in July 2006.

Brugge->Paris: 11.00 EUR [thalys fast train]
Paris->Irun: 17.50 EUR [night train couchette]
Irun->Madrid: 6.50 EUR
Madrid->Toledo: 13.00 EUR [return,fast train]
Madrid->Barcelona: 17.00 EUR [night train couchette]
Barcelona->Montpellier: 35EUR [BUS Linebus,no interrail discount]
Marseille->Nice: 1.50 EUR
Nice->Cannes: 1.50 EUR
Nice->Genova 5.00 EUR
Genova->Venice 22.00 EUR [night train couchette]
Venice->Florence 15.00 EUR
Roma->Bari 5.00 EUR
Bari->Patras 16.00 EUR [BlueStar FERRY,on deck]
Patras->Athens 3.20 EUR
Thesaloniki->Pythion 6.60 EUR
Pythion->Istanbul 15.00 YTL

08 August 2006

Book Review: Let's Go Europe 2006

Title: Lets' Go Europe 2006
Writer: Harvard University Students
Year: 2006
Pages: 1082

Definitely a must-have,must-read for every independent traveler,interrailer or eurailer.The books is organized very good and gives nice hints about the cities.List budget places for accomadation and food.Also gives information about transportation to nearby cities.Lists places to visit and how you can reach there.The price $14.99 is a bargain for this book.

During my July 2006 interrail trip I carried this book with me every single day.Just but it,you won't regret.

07 August 2006

Hostels of Interrail July 2006

Below is the map of places that we have stayed during the July 2006 Interrail tour. Move your mouse over the red points to see the name of Hotel/Hostel.

Eurostudent home, Florence, 19 Jul 06
Ai Due Leoncini, Venice, 18 Jul 06
Sunshine Hostel, Rome, 22 Jul 06
St Christophers Bauhaus Hostel, Bruges, 04 Jul 06
Hotel Richard, Paris, 06 Jul 06
Hotel Baccarat, Nice, 15 Jul 06
RC Miguel Angel, Madrid, 10 Jul 06
Rambla & Catalunya Hostel, Barcelona, 13 Jul 06
Hotel Argo, Athens, 26 Jul 06

You can see details from http://ulasergin.myhostelworld.com

01 August 2006

Interrail Photos

I have completed uploaded interrail pics, nearly 1700 pics of 4GB.But kodak's site is terrible to view it.I will have to swich to yahoo photos when I have time.