11 August 2006

Train Supplements

An interrailer's main concern is the extra costs,most importantly supplements that you have to pay on certain trains in addition to your interrail ticket.
Below, I list the supplements being payed during our interrail trip in July 2006.

Brugge->Paris: 11.00 EUR [thalys fast train]
Paris->Irun: 17.50 EUR [night train couchette]
Irun->Madrid: 6.50 EUR
Madrid->Toledo: 13.00 EUR [return,fast train]
Madrid->Barcelona: 17.00 EUR [night train couchette]
Barcelona->Montpellier: 35EUR [BUS Linebus,no interrail discount]
Marseille->Nice: 1.50 EUR
Nice->Cannes: 1.50 EUR
Nice->Genova 5.00 EUR
Genova->Venice 22.00 EUR [night train couchette]
Venice->Florence 15.00 EUR
Roma->Bari 5.00 EUR
Bari->Patras 16.00 EUR [BlueStar FERRY,on deck]
Patras->Athens 3.20 EUR
Thesaloniki->Pythion 6.60 EUR
Pythion->Istanbul 15.00 YTL

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