27 February 2008

Book Review:Ah Canim Moskova

Title: Ah Canim Moskova
Writer: Turan Gokaltay
Year: 1997
Pages: 215

The book is a novel,the main character is a professor living in Moscow during the Soviet-Era.The book started fun but continued so boring that i could not finish.I bought it from kitapyurdu but i do not recomment it.

Documentary Review: Kirgizistan

I bought this documentary VCD on Kirgizistan from kitapyurdu.
Very funny,stupid production,no useful information.

21 February 2008

DVD Box-Set Review: Bebeginiz ve Siz

This four-dvd box set is about baby developement between 0 and 24 months.DVDs are infact a bad translation of a foreign product.The DVDs are far from being informative yet soo boring.I strongly recommend not to buy it.It is just a waste of money.Boyut Yayin Grubu,shame on you!

20 February 2008

Book Review: Moskova Anilari

Title: Moskova Anilari - Iki Donemin Anilari
Writer: Ayhan Kamel
Year: 2007
Pages: 120

The book is a memoirs of an ex Turkish diplomat.First he's been to Moscow in 60's as a member of Turkish Embassy,then here returned to moscow in late 80's as ambassador.
The recent(published in 2007) but short books gives short stories of Turkish-Soviet foreign relationships as well sample views as soviet-era life. I bought it online from kitapyurdu.

17 February 2008

An attempted exibition visit:)

During my 6th visit to Moscow (Feb.2008), I read on moskovalife.com that a famous soviet-era photographer Igor Muhin had an exibition at "Na Solyanke" Gallery. I had one of my Russian-speaking colleagues phone there. The exibition was open till 21. I got there on 19:45 with a sign on the wall working hours till 20.And they did not let me in.
So,I l looked at the photos on the artist's site.http://www.moukhin.ru/

This time an Encyclopedia review- Encyclopedia of Russian History

This 1930 pages giant resource on Russian History is very valuable, IMHO. You can see the details on Gale Group's site which published this 4 volume encyclopedia.
Here is a quote from their site:

"Focusing on Russia's history from the time of the Tsars to the present (though a few articles go back earlier), this encyclopedia features 1,500 articles on people, politics, customs, languages, economies, wars, religions, art and literature, science, and geography of Russia and the former Soviet republics. "
--Reference & Research Book News (February 2004)

01 February 2008

Book Review: Svetlana Alliluyeva'nin Mektuplari

Title: Svetlana Alliluyeva'nin Mektuplari
Writer: Svetlana Alliluyeva
Year: 1988
Pages: 240

I guess this book is a Turkish translation of 'Twenty Letters to a Friend'.
It is letters of Svetlana Alliluyeva,Stalin's daugher to an unknown person.She gives her own view on the events of those days,her father Stalin,his relationships with other people,those days of USSR. There are many names in the book that I did not know,from the notes section I learnt that they were in the importants posts of soviet union.Those parts were boring. She tells about her mother Nadejda Alliluyeva. It was shocking for me to read that Svetlana learnt about her mother's way of death(suicide) from Life Magazine!

How I bought this book also has an interesting story,I found the book at gittigidiyor with 1 YTR price,ordered it, the postal fee was 6YTL :)

Book Review:40 Yil Once 40 Yil Sonra Amerika Rusya

Title: 40 Yil Once 40 Yil Sonra Amerika Rusya
Writer: Gunduz Vassaf
Year: 2006
Pages: 310

The writer lives in US, the book starts with his childhoold memories in the US and goes on with his Soviet Union visit,he was visiting his uncle Zekeriya Sertel who used to live in USSR those times.Then the author visits -now- Russian Federation one more time after 40 years.He compares what has changed since the last 40 years in Russia and US.
I liked this book,nice to read,the writer is clearly an intellectual person.You can buy it on ideefixe.

One of the recent books (published on 2006) on Russia.