11 December 2009

Gray Wolves - Serye Volki (1993)

Another interesting movie, let me first list the names of characters in the movie and you will agree with me:

Khrushchov -you know him :)
Brezhnev - you know him :)
Mikoyan - you probably know him:)
Semichastny - head of KGB who is replaced by Andrapov who later became Soviet President
Shelepin head of KGB before Semichastny
Podgorny Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet
Suslov - Politburo member, he was the one accusing Jukov with 'Bonapartism'

Yes! , very rich number of Soviet politicians.The movie is on Coup_d'etat in 1964 that these listed politicians organized secretly against Nikita Khrushchov to remove him from power and replace him with Leonid Brezhnev. The movie shows Brezhnev as a stupid figure that everyone agreed upon since he is easy to manipulate.

The IMDB link is here and a detailed movie info is listed here.

I stongly advice you to see this movie if you are interested in Soviet History.

09 December 2009

Bucharest Parks -Bordei Park

Althought I had presented negative opinions on Bucharest in my previous blog entry, I must admit that it has a nice side also: the parks.Bucharest has several parks in it where people can recreate.The wiki entry says that there are 11.

I've only been to one of them,I 'guess' its name is Bordei from the list above.It was a small but nice,green park.

03 December 2009

Canon EOS 500D and choosing a SD/SDHC card

After I ordered online my Canon EOS 500D (a.k.a Rebel T1i) for replacing my Sony Cyber-shot P200 that I bought from Garbushka/Moscow in 2005 which performed bad in low light conditions ....

The camera does not come with a memory card so I had to purchase one,I looked at the forums and was totally confused.Reviews on amazon.com said some users had problems running with Kingston Cards, some users had problems with Transcend, there were also reports of issues related to 16GB/32GB cards and also the Class-4/Class-6 debates...so I decided to ask Canon for a clarification. Here is their answer:

"We recommend using memory cards with a Speed Class 4 or higher. (As of December 2008, the movie recording function has been tested using SD/SDHC memory cards made by Panasonic, Toshiba and SanDisk.

The SD Speed Class is a standard that indicates the minimum guaranteed data transfer speed of the SD/SDHC memory cards. When you buy a new memory card, look for the Speed Class logo on the package.

It is highly recommended that you format the memory card in your camera. Formatting the memory card makes sure that it is going to work properly in your camera. This would be the best way to delete all of your images at one time."

I hope this helps anyone having confusion with buying the correct card.I will go with a Class-6 card from Panasonic, Toshiba or SanDisk.

01 December 2009

Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?

Another '1984' book:) a future-prediction work written in 1970 by Andrei Amalrik,a Russian writer. Used copies of the books can be found on amazon.com.

977 Movie

I do not want to give any positive or negative feedbacks about this movie since I undestood nothing, absolutely nothing.See yourself here.