11 December 2009

Gray Wolves - Serye Volki (1993)

Another interesting movie, let me first list the names of characters in the movie and you will agree with me:

Khrushchov -you know him :)
Brezhnev - you know him :)
Mikoyan - you probably know him:)
Semichastny - head of KGB who is replaced by Andrapov who later became Soviet President
Shelepin head of KGB before Semichastny
Podgorny Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet
Suslov - Politburo member, he was the one accusing Jukov with 'Bonapartism'

Yes! , very rich number of Soviet politicians.The movie is on Coup_d'etat in 1964 that these listed politicians organized secretly against Nikita Khrushchov to remove him from power and replace him with Leonid Brezhnev. The movie shows Brezhnev as a stupid figure that everyone agreed upon since he is easy to manipulate.

The IMDB link is here and a detailed movie info is listed here.

I stongly advice you to see this movie if you are interested in Soviet History.

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Dinc Arslan said...

Great Movie...watched it a while ago on a snowy day in Moscow