23 July 2007

Book Review: Bir Siyah Sacli Kadinin Gezi Notlari

Title: Bir Siyah Sacli Kadinin Gezi Notlari
Writer: ABuket Uzuner
Year: 1989(1st edition),2004(14th edition)
Pages: 116

Although the books title is 'travel notes' the book is not on cities or places but people Buket Uzuner has met during her several visits to several countries.She was a university student in Norway when she performed her first travel with interrail.She met several people from several nationalities and colors.Nice to read.I bought it from Dost Kitapevi Ankara but it is available on ideefixe.
I am planning to read her two other journey books since I liked this one.
New York Sehir Rehberi and Bir Sehir Romantiginin Gunlugu.

20 July 2007

Use Your Illusion II

It's been 15 years and I am still listening the same album over and over and over.

The 14 songs album is playing on my winamp while I am writing this and many other times.

Am I Just conservative or the album is great,which one is true ? IMHO second.

God bless Axl Rose!

19 July 2007

Book Review: Shadow of God

Title: Shadow of god
Writer: Anthony Goodman
Year: 2003
Pages: 464

The title 'Shadow of God' is one of the many Ottoman Sultans used for many years and this book is a story about one of the greatest among them: Kanuni Sultan Suleyman,Souleyman the Magnificient.
The book is about the siege and surrender of Rhodoes island and exile of Rhodos nights to Malta.
It is a fastmoving,exciting historic novel.I liked it very much. I bought it from Kadikoy Alkim but it is available on amazon.

12 July 2007

After one week in Justiniano Wish

We spent the first week of July at Justiniano Wish Side.We booked the hotel from touristica which I liked the quality.But the same does not apply for justiniano, although the rooms were nice and pool was big there were few animations shows. In fact the animation team and the DJ were disastorous.The food quality was also low. I do not recommend Justiniano to anyone.God bless Magic Life!.

10 July 2007

IEEE Computer Society

I applied for membership to IEEE Computer Society, I got member number 87071885.

Once upon a time I was a member of ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN) but I don't remember any membership number.