23 July 2007

Book Review: Bir Siyah Sacli Kadinin Gezi Notlari

Title: Bir Siyah Sacli Kadinin Gezi Notlari
Writer: ABuket Uzuner
Year: 1989(1st edition),2004(14th edition)
Pages: 116

Although the books title is 'travel notes' the book is not on cities or places but people Buket Uzuner has met during her several visits to several countries.She was a university student in Norway when she performed her first travel with interrail.She met several people from several nationalities and colors.Nice to read.I bought it from Dost Kitapevi Ankara but it is available on ideefixe.
I am planning to read her two other journey books since I liked this one.
New York Sehir Rehberi and Bir Sehir Romantiginin Gunlugu.

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