01 February 2008

Book Review:40 Yil Once 40 Yil Sonra Amerika Rusya

Title: 40 Yil Once 40 Yil Sonra Amerika Rusya
Writer: Gunduz Vassaf
Year: 2006
Pages: 310

The writer lives in US, the book starts with his childhoold memories in the US and goes on with his Soviet Union visit,he was visiting his uncle Zekeriya Sertel who used to live in USSR those times.Then the author visits -now- Russian Federation one more time after 40 years.He compares what has changed since the last 40 years in Russia and US.
I liked this book,nice to read,the writer is clearly an intellectual person.You can buy it on ideefixe.

One of the recent books (published on 2006) on Russia.

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