22 May 2006

Steps to interrail: 3

The hardest step to interrail is completed. I got the Schengen visa from the Netherlands.Now all I have to do is to wait till the flight date. Let me briefly tell the steps for visa.

I read through the web page of missions of the Netherlands in Turkey. Their site has a word document listing the required documents for visa application. It listed lots of lots of documents. I collected them, also I went to their place and asked for a Visa application form which also had a list of documents for visa application.

I went to Anadolu Sigorta for travel insurance and the insurance for European States valid for one month costed me 16EUR.

Finally I went to their place again to apply for the visa, 35EUR visa fee should be payed for the application and my visa was ready in 2 days.

The previous step.

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