21 February 2010

12 ( 2007 Russian Movie)

12 is a very interesting movie! 12 people are members of a jury, locked down in a place to decide on a case,trivial case at first sight a Chechen boy kills his Russian step-father who is also a Russian army officer. The movie is takes place in a single place, the room that they are locked and there are mainly 12 characters, the jurors so easy to follow.I liked this movie,it is different and interesting, definitely recommended.Check the IMDB page here, nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe.


Ahmet Olgun said...

Ulas, i agree with you. very interesting movie.

doğan said...

filmin senaryosu çalıntı orjinal film 12 angry man http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050083/