21 August 2010

Some Russian Songs

Other than Инфинити, there are several very good Russian pop songs, I would like to share some of them with you.
ВИНТАЖ is a very good group, here are some songs of the group that I like.

I came into this X-Mode & DJ Nil in my 2005 trip to Moscow, their album is for sale on amazon.com but unfortunately their music videos are not widely available here is one of my favorites La Peregrinacion. I also love their song Leto!.

Turkish music listeners will immediately recognize this song Капкан from group Пропаганда . For those who insist not to recognize here is the Turkish video.

Beautiful Russian Madonna Valeriya Perfilova has many lovely songs, here is only one sample:
Капелькою .

AND last but not the list, this great song...Whenever I went to a club/bar in Moscow this song was played at least once! I always wondered what is was but i could not find out since i could not understand a word:) Now I accidentally came across this song and happily know what it is :
"Музыка нас связала" from the Group Мираж.It is very good, give it a chance i am sure you will like.

Note: I have written about Alla Pugacheva already in a previous post so i don't repeat one more time here.

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