02 July 2008

Doktor Jivago (1965) Movie

I have heard about the novelist Boris Pasternak and the movie based on his novel by Omer Serif but never considered watching since I am not fond of watching old movies. But I came across the authors name once more in the book "Bahtiyar Ol Nazim" which I have reviewed previously in this topic.

Anyway I decided to watch this movie and luckily enough I saw in in a local DVD store.This is a very long movie [3 hours and 10 minutes if I don't recall wrong] but a nice watch. I was not bored in any part.

Of course here is the IMDB link of the movie which has 8.0/10.0 points based on more than 21 thousand votes

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essaadi said...

I like Dr. Jivago. The plot is rich , coloured, with splendid landscapes in which evolve human characters. War, violence, resistance toward the force. Love, passion, fidelity and treason.
It makes me weap when i see this film! And it makes me very happy each time see it.
A current film. Very moving.