28 July 2008

Metallica in Istanbul!

On 27th of July Istanbul hosted a fantastic concert, Metallica. The starting time was announced as 21:00 and the concert started around 21:30.Till the end of the concert at 23:30 they did not even give a single break! They got on the stage started rocking people one song after another till the end.

All the songs were choosen from the good old Metallica albums, Kill 'Em All,Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, Justice For All and The Black Album. Not a single song was present from those Load&Reload crap,even St.Anger was absent.I think that made the concert such good.The audience loved the selection and contributed all songs with no exception.
I guess this concert is the very best answer to the comments regarding their age and performance.

Ulrich said that Istanbul treated Metallica very well and they promise to come back again.
After the concert I read many music journalists commenting this one as the best concert Istanbul has ever seen.

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