17 June 2009

Movie Review: Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)

I came across this movie during my search on movies about Anastasia and Romanovs. The movie was nominated for 6 Oscars and got 2 in 1972 including Best Costume Design.

These two different covers are the original cover and the cover of the DVD release.

The movie tells the story of last tsar NicholasII and his wife Alexandra together with their kids ofcourse.

Tsar Nicholas' wrong desicions and bad luck lead to the Bolshevic revolution, soon after they are arrested as a family and sent to exile which will lead to their executions...

I found the movie quite interesting, although there are complaints on the net that the historical facts laid out are not always correct in the movie. I still consider it worth seeing even if for the great costumes and imperial athmosphere.

If you saw the movie and liked it or interested in the end of imperial Russia and Romanovs you might like the movie Anastasia or diary of Anastasia or the documentation named "Assasination of Tsar Nicholas II" or the book Romanov Prophecy which is a fiction book.

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