17 June 2009

Movie Review: Ironiya Subdy- Irony of fate (1975)

I have downloaded this movie sometime ago and heard about it at few places as a nice sample of Russian cinema. IMDB point is 8.7
It was waiting in my queue of 'Russian movies to bee seen' .

Last issue of Russian Life Magazine contained a list of 10 Russian Movies to be seen which included this one also so I decided to watch it immediately.By the way the list of the magazine can be seen on this link.

The topic is funny and can only be seen in Soviet Union, it is new years eve, Zhenya's marriage proposal is accepted by Galya but he gets too drunk during celebrations and goes to Leningrad by accident :)

Well...it is Soviet era,all buildings look same even in different cities, and cities share same street names...his key opens the door of the apartment in Leningrad on the street having the same name of his house in Moscow and the fun begins...


Dinc Arslan said...

Nice movie...one of my clients made a joke in reference to this movie. The movie's story takes place in Stroiteley Ulitsa (Builders Street) in both Moscow and St.Petersburg. He told me that his office is in Stroiteley Ulitsa in Kiev and it is an "ironia sudby/irony of fate"...funny? no

Ulas Ergin said...

not a bad joke :)

metallizer said...

In Russia this film love! It often show on TV in December!