06 June 2009

Movie Review: 9th Company/9 Rota (2005)

During my web search on Turetsky Gambit I saw this movie as the most popular movie of 2005 outnumbering the Turetsky Gambit. With T.G $18M as the second and 9 Rota or 9th Company being the one with $25M according to this link.

And Dinc Arslan's Turkish Invasion was publishing posts on Afgan-Soviet war those days due to the anniversary so the topic gained my interest and I downloaded it together with some other Afgan war films which I reviewed here before.

I just had time to see this , it is quiete a nice war movie, a group of young boys are sent to war in Afganistan after a short traning and the movie shows their drama together with the Soviet Army and Soviet System.

The IMDB point is also high as 7.4/10.


Dinc Arslan said...

Rather nice movie...especially the scene where the company first lands to Bagram airfield...ok I won't give any more spoilers :)

Suha Guzel said...

very realistic war movie and actorship.