06 June 2009

Book Review: 1984 by Orwell

Well...I have 2 different and completely oppposite views about this book :) I could not decide on it

First View: The book is good. In 1949 when the world was unaware of the Stalin crimes[I accept that they were exposed in 1956 during the famous 20th congress] he depicted everyhing like a phophecy,the Party, Innerparty[politburo], ThoughtPolice[KGB], Big Brother[Cult of Personality] ,Forced-labour camps, purges, show trials and so on...

Second View: Why is this book so popular/important? some even adress it as the best product of 20th century English Literature but it is just a fictionary novel telling the life under a dictatorship with great clues from the Stalin-Era USSR, so what? what makes it so special?

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