01 January 2009

Book Review: Romanov Kehaneti -The Romanov Prophecy

This time I come up with a review of a novel. Of course it is a fiction but the characters and most of the events are based on truth.

The novel starts with Tsar Nicholas, reading a letter of Alexandra telling that Rasputin had a prophecy. And jumps to today,communism collapsed and people want the Tsarist regime back, even a referendum has been made and people voted for a Tsar back.
So a commission is established to evaluate Tsar candidates based on their Romanov-blood but bloody Russian maria want their man as the Tsar.
But a member of the commission find researching the achieves find that Alexie is not killed by the Bolsheviks so somewhere a real Romanov exists! and adventure starts.

I liked the story, the characters and the ending but I must say that there is very close resemblance to Dan Browns Da'Vinci code. (And the movie Archangel that I reviewed here before) .
An American man, a local woman[Russian] a secret-holy society to protect them who sweared for this cause for long years, betrayal of unexpected close friend and happy love in the end.

Still a nice read for those who are interested in historical novels or now, it is even a good thriller.

Let me state that this book by Steve Berry received 4.5 starts on amazon.com based on 129 reviews as of now.

Don't miss this gallery on author's site.

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