14 January 2009

Book Review: Litvinenko Bir Muhalifin Olumu

Before I met this book I barely remember Litvinenko from the news, I remember that a former KGB agent fled to UK and there has was poisoned by KGB. I remember that the press followed this event for a while and he quickly died.
His book titled "Litvinenko Death of a dissident" is not about only Litvinenko case, it is a wonderful book depicting the events after the fall of USSR.
The book is written in a political thriller manner but it is in fact history of an era. The books starts with Yeltsin era, tells how the oligarks made their fortunes, how Berezovsky or Abramovich came to power,raise of Putin...etc
You can see that the political system is not different than the soviet era but just the name is changed, all the political corruption, KGB hidden operations...still continue.
This book was a good reading for me after Anna Politkovskaya books.

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