03 January 2009

Movie Review: Come and See(1985)

I downloaded this movie as two separate CDs but after watching CD1 I was extremely bored and decided not to go on with CD2.Few days later I read somewhere about this movie and decided to look at IMDB page for it.

It was quite unbelievable, it had 8.1/10.0 points with lots of positive comments, some people even rate this as best war movie ever. It was even in top 250 sometime ago.I was shocked so decided to go on with CD2. And my opinion did not change much, the movie depicts the horrible actions my the SS in Belarus.

The movie has a screen having a text message that shocked me one more time.It says 628 villages in Belarus are burnt by the German soldiers including the people living in them!!!

If you wanna watch,the movie is on foriegnmoviesddl.com as always


Dinc Arslan said...

If you have seen the new film "Defiance", which is also set in Belarus in 1941 and tells a stpory about partisans, there is a direct link to the long (and boring to some) scenes with the German reconnoisance planes over Belorussian forests. The director pays its respects to Elem Klimov in those two scenes.

Ulas Ergin said...

In fact I just heard about the movie "Defiance" only yesterday but I will definitely see it after you recommendation.AND I am looking forward to read the Turkish Invasion Book.Great idea, I hope it arrives soon.