25 April 2006

Book Review: Europe Through the Back Door 2006

Title: Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2006 : The Travel Skills Handbook
Writer: Rick Steves
Year: 2006
Pages: 630

This is the first book review from the series listed in my previous blog entry: My Book List for Summer 2006 Interrail Planning I hope more reviews will come soon.

This is not a guidebook in the commonsense.It is so-called as 'Read-before-go book '. The book is organized in two sections, the first section is a travel skills handbook dealing with Planning an ininerary,transportation,money,sleeping and eating.. etc. as the title already implies

And the second section gives what the author calls 'backdoors'.List places that are not discovered by tourism agencies yet or not getting necessary attention. The counties mentioned includes: Italy, Portual, Spain, Morroco, Frace, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, British Isles and Scandanavia.
The auther list few ,if not one, cities in each coutry and gives hints and beautities of that city.

The first travel skills section is helpful although you might find these information everywhere and also internet.It is still good to have all these information packed in one place completely.

The second section is for people looking for not crowded, relatively calm places in Europe. If you are looking for info about popular sightseeings of these countries you should get a guidebook which is also recommended by the author.

Accompanying site for the book can be found at ricksteves.com . I can not decide whether to recommend buying or not buying this book. The amazon link is here for you to further investigate.

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