18 September 2007

Back in Russia

This time Moscow was sunny (at least in the first few days).On my previous visits I got the idea that Moscow was a gray city,now I realized that it is a green and beautiful city.This time i had time to visit Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts which has Rembrandt,Durer,Peter Bruegel the Elder and many more.Too bad that the explanations under the paintings were in Russian and the audioguide covered only a few.After the visit my friends said that most of those Russian explanations were stating that the art piece was in fact a copy :)

Just opposite the museum there exists a huge chuch named 'Christ the Saviour'

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timurshakirov said...

Hey man, Moscow always welcomes you! Whenever you arrive to Russia, the weather becomes sunny (this must be because of your smile ;)) And the next time you visit capital of Russian Federation, you should definately go to see arts exhibited in the State Tretyakovskaya Art Gallery. Please note that the Gallery does not work on Mondays and you should go there not later than 18:30 (otherwise, you will have one more bad experience about seeing the closing doors just infront of you ))))