19 October 2008

Memories of First Ambassadors of Turkey and USSR to Each Other

I found two nice books,first one is Moskova Hatiralari by General Ali Fuat Cebesoy, the first ambassador of new born Turkish Republic to USSR and the second one is Bir Sovyet Diplomatinin Turkiye Anilari by Semyon Ivanovic Aralov who is the first ambassador of USSR to Turkey.

In fact he is the second ambassador but since his predecessor was on duty for a very short time many sources consider Aralov as the first.

Although Cebesoy's book title is "Moskova Anilari" there is nothing about Moscow in the book he did not mentioned anything about the political,economical or social issues of Moscow.In fact half of the book is for the events before he is assinged ti Moscow and one fourth of the book is on Enver Pasa.The rest is his policital strugge with Cicerin and Karahan to get the promised money and arms.

Aralov books deals mainly with daily politics during his time in Ankara.He mentiones his relationships with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Ismet Inonu,Rauf Orbay, Refet Bele,Kazim Karabekir.He has great respect and belief in Ataturk. He did not have chance to meet Ismet Inonu for a long time but gives a positive opinion and impression on him. For the other Turkish generals Rauf,Refet and Karabekir he says bitter this, he claims these men cooperate with counter-revolutionists, the hodjas, even the English and French.

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