24 December 2008

Russian Oligarks - BBC Documentary (2005)

The official name of the BBC Documentary is Russian Godfathers but I believe it is misleading and Russian Oligarks should be a better name since the documentary does not discuss any of these men's relationships with mafia or murdering people etc.Instead they are represented as political opponents of Russian regime asking for democracy[blah!]

It has a IMDB page located here.

Anyway the documentary is consisted of 3 eppisodes, each approximately 1 hour.
The first eppisode is on Boris Berezovsky.
The documentary claims that during Yeltsin regime he was infact the behind the curtains ruler of Russia and corrupted Yeltsin era. He infact found Putin as a successor but the plans did not work out obviously and he has to escape England as a political exile. Now he became the number one democrat! fighting to put down Putin regime and bring democracy back! to Russia. He also has effects on Ukranian orange revolution with this great amount of green paper.

He even obtained support from George W. Bush's brother. The photo show the happy family during an evening walk on Moscow streets.

Eppisode 2 is on Mikhail Khodorkovsky who is in jail now for some tax charges but many bealive that this is a political issue.
I've heard his name during another CBS documentary which I mentioned here before.
It seems the anti-Putin oligark lobby is very powerful[not surprising with their huge financial power] in England.

And the third eppisode is on Yury Luzhkov, mayor of Moscow since 1992. Documentary first starts with his immense constuction efforts in Moscow, the huge rants created and their aestethic value. He was a political opponent to Putin but then he found the right way and somehow started to support him. Documentary also mentions his wife Elena who is the richest woman in the world, the only female dolar billionaire.

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