19 September 2009

Hong Kong

Last week I was in Hong Kong for 4 days. I was there to attend Sibos2009 event.

Hong Kong has a terrible weather, humidity is too high, during my visit tempature was always above 30 and Humidity was %95 sometimes!

All buidings, event the smallest groceries shop have strong air conditioners which make interiors fairly cold but when you step outside a building a hot and thick weather just slaps on your face, it was terrible.

I also witnessed a typhoon, in fact I was inside so i did not witness anything literally.But there were typhoon alerts everywhere and also all TVs were mentioning about it. The day when typhoon occured when I got into my room I found a note from hotel management saying something like : There is a typhoon alert but there is not much to worry typhoons occur frequently in Hong Kong and they pass away just stay away from your window and keep your windows closed :)

I stayed at JW Mariott Hotel which I can mention with good impressions.The service quality was nice , staff was kind and helpful. It was near Admirality metro station which is the central place in Hong Kong island.

About the Hong Kong city...hmm...I did not like the city very much, there is not much to talk about, every where is full of skyscapers and they are build very close which makes them even boring. Even in very central districs there are ruined places and small dirty shops just a few steps from those tall buildings.

I should say that Hong Kong people are generally kind, willing to help and know to smile[none of these apply for Russians but I still like Russia better:)]

Also few words for Sibos organization...it was very well managed, Hong Kongers know how to do this stuff. There were people to assist the attending people everywhere, in many of central places. There were Sibos desks in many of the big events.Even there was a special passport check station at the HK International airport for people attending Sibos when entering the country.6 stars over 5!

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