25 March 2010

Again in Moscow,after a year

I was in Moscow last month, for two weeks.It's been more than one year since my last visit and I really missed this city.

Moscow has a mystical affect on me, I don't think the city is beautiful,but i still miss it,I miss the cold air, gray city, Cyrillic letters,metro and even the smell in the metro stations.

This visit was art oriented:) I visited 'Picasso in Moscow' exhibition at Pushkin's museum.This was my second Picasso exhibition,I also had a to visit 'Picasso in Istanbul' exhibition in 2006,well...I am more fan of classic art,clearly Picasso is not my style.

I also had the great chance to visit 'Khruschev and His Time' photo exhibition in Moscow House of Photography.

And finally, there was another interesting photo exhibition, Best of Russia 2009.It seems this is a selection of best photos among categories Russian Architecture, Nature, People, Everyday Life and Style. Here is one sample from style category

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