03 March 2006

Book Review: Avrupa

Title: Avrupa "Utopya'dan Avrupa'ya"
Writer: Michael Gehler
Year: 2002
Pages: 149

In fact the book name is a little misleading,this is a thin book telling the brief history of European Union not Europe. European Union should be a better book title but then it would look boring, may be this is a marketing trick who knows.
Anyway, the books tells the hitory of how the United States of Europe has evolved and becase a reality. It gives an intoduction starting with 16-18th centuries and details it starting from 1945. Then it tells about how the European Economic Union turned into European Union and how several countries joined.
It book ends with a chronology of European Union between 1945 and 2002.
The book is so much into political science area so it may seem boring if you are not much interested.

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