08 March 2006

Book Review: Uzaklar Cagirinca

Title: Uzaklar Cagirinca
Writer: Orhan Kural
Year: 2005
Pages: 196

The writer is an intinerant that has traveled to 187 countries of the world!. The short and small sized book is organized into two sections.First section is in a 'textbook' format (you may consider it as normal since the writer is a lecturer in I.T.U) that tells places to visit in Turkey, 7 wonders of the world, diseases and troubles that intinerants may face during world travel, top 50 things to do/places to see in world ...
And the second section of the book tells the travel memories of the writer during his several visits. The book is cheap (3.83YTL),I bought it from Ideefixe you may give it a try if you have time but know that it is not the best.

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