13 June 2008

A weekend @ Buyukada

We went to Buyukada via boat from Maltepe port.The return path was the same ,from Buyukada to Maltepe directly.We were so happy yo learn that 3 boats everyday to each direction.

We stayed in a small and old pension which had very uncomfortable beds.

We got to the island Friday evening,ate fish as it is a tradition,made a small tour on foot and went to sleep.Next morning we went to the famous Aya Yorgi [St.George] church on top of the hill.

We spent out saturday going to and returning back to the chuch. Next day we started seaching for Trotsky's house. I had the exact adresss with street name and number but i still had trouble finding it.And I could not make it if i did not saw the photos prior to the trip.It is a shame that there is no single sign and the people around never heard of it.It is also a great shame that the house is in terrible condition.

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