24 June 2008

Two Books By Buket Uzuner

After I read interrail memories of Buket Uzuner,Bir Siyah Sacli Kadinin Gezi Notlari,I decided to buy the two other travel books which the author has written.I just had time to complete the series after a year break.

One is New York Sehir Rehberi that gives authors memories during her one year visit in New York

And the other one is Bir Sehir Romantiginin Gunlugu,is again her various memories this time in several cities.

Both books can not be exactly categories as travel books as her previus book Bir Siyah Sacli Kadinin Gezi Notlari because all there books do not concantre on where to see,stay,eat information as traditional travel books do but most emphasis is on people she met and her shared moments with her.

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