19 February 2006

Book Review : Bir Bilet Al

Title: Bir Bilet Al
Writer: Gizem Altin
Pages: 217
Language: Turkish

I personally liked this book.It is written in a warm-diary form.The book is about the memories of the writer during her interrail travel in 2000.After she got fired, she organized this beautiful 5 week trip with her compansation money.

The book is consisted of two sections, first section tells about the countries (mainly Greece, Italy, France, Spain) and cities she has visited, places she has seen, friends she has made and money spent.
In the second section she gives tips about interrail trip organization, places to see, things to keep in mind, hostels to stay, books to read and several useful recommendations more.

It is one of the very rare interrail publications in Turkish language. I bought it from Ideefixe and totally recommend it to you. For the web page of the book click here

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