19 February 2006

Book Review : Siempre Havana

Title: Siempre Havana
Writer: Asli Pelit
Year: 2005
Pages: 184
Language: Turkish

The writer has stayed for a long time in Havana(She doesn't tell why and how long in the book).She tells about the architecture, history, food,life, music in Havana.
Also she mentions these topics for all Cuba but I find the book a little boring.She tells evething as if you are already in Havana.Goes too much into irrevelant details. I should also note that one of my friends loved the book.(So you also may)
Personally, I don't recommend but If you are really interested in different cultures and especially Cuba, you may give it a try.

Siempre Havana Book Cover

The book is available from Ideefixe

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