16 December 2007

Book Review: Mavi Evdekiler

Title: Mavi Evdekiler Frida,Stalin ve Trocki'nin Romani
Writer: Maeghan Delahunt
Year: 2003
Pages: 370

This is a very interesting book,not just in terms of its story but in terms of the way how the story is told. In fact I can not clearly say that the books is a story on x.At some point you find your self as Trocki between your wife Natali and lover Frida Kahlo.At some point you are Stalin feeling anger for Trocki.At some point you are Nadejda Allilueva(Stalin's second wife) considering suicide.At some point you are Svetlana Allilueva(Stalin's sister) observing your father's death.
I bought the book from Kitap Yurdu, online book seller.

I ordered Svetlana Allilueva'nin mektuplari from gittigidiyor.com and I guess it is a Turkish translation of Twenty Letter's to a friend.I wonder how it will be.

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