02 December 2007

More Moscow Clubs

I have written reviews about Moscow clubs in the previous blog entries but after my visit to Bucharest I realised and remembered how great the nightlife was in Moscow so decided to add more club revies.

Club XIII: Class place with strict face control.The club is localed in a nice bouilding.Nice music, nice athmosphere.
Zona: This 4floored club hs 2 entrances with one 300RUB fee and other called VIP entrance where you pay 600RUB and get a ticket valid for the VIP floor inside.Difference concept and music on all floors,the 3rd floor is a chill out cafe and to access 4th floor you need to go on the VIP lift where you need to show your VIP ticket.
Opera: I did not like the music but the place was big and people were nice.
Bourgeois Cafe: This nice cafe turns to a club after 12 on Friday and Saturdays.
Aero-Cafe : Small place with nice music.


Coskan Gundogar said...

are these Night club reviews for married ones or singles ???

Ulas Ergin said...

you are always single in Moscow :)