02 December 2007

Bucharest Nightlife

On my first weekend at Bucharest I had a chance to visit a few Bucharest clubs.Generally Bucharest clubs can not be compared to the ones in Moscow,in terms of fun,people,quality....
As far as I can see there is no face control in the clubs which is a bad thing....
God bless Moscow! Below I give little info about each club i visited and the prices.Note that 1USD~2.4LEI,or you can think like 1LEI=0.5YTL

Twice: I have been here on a Wednesday night, there were few people and nearly no one was dancnig,music was not bad.This is a cheap club with 5LEI entrance fee and you pay 8 LEI for whisky-redbull.
Club-A: The worst club i have ever ever seen.The place was soo small but they let everyone who as willing to pay 5LEI cover inside.The place was extemely overcrowed and you could not even move!.Everywhere was full of smoke.I could only stay there one hour and left.
Bamboo: After I left Club-A,I jumped to a taxi and asked for The Office club but the driver suggested that Bamboo was better,and he was right.Bambook at least look like the ones in Moscow.Place was big and classy, people looked nicer than the ones in the two other clubs that i mentioned above.The dancers were good.People were having fun...Nice place, bit expensive,30LEI cover and whisky-redbull is 35LEI.
The Office: Nice place,nice music,not bad.But one can not compare to a club in Moscow.20LEI enrance fee and you pay 30LEI for whisky-redbull.
Downtown: Dancers are good,50LEI for cover but you get a ticket which buys you 50LIE drink from the bar.Nice music.

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