28 September 2008

Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl

Years ago,during my first days in Amsterdam I always saw marks 'Anne Frank Huis' on the touristic maps of Amsterdam or city guides which I clearly understood meant House of Anne Frank but I did not know who she was.In the beginning I thought Anne Frank was a popular singer or cinema artist [shame on me]

On day in a bookstore I came across the book 'Anne Frank's Diary'
and read the back-cover... and learnt the awful truth..

If you don't know Anne Frank's story read here, on wikipedia.

Recently I came across the book again,The Diary of a Young Girl The Definitive Edition, and bought it for sure. I quickly read the diary since she had a good talent on writing.

My interest in her story guided me to find two movies on her, first one is "Anne Frank: The Whole Story (2001)" which is a rather long movie[3 hours] but I liked it very much, although the concentration camp stories during the end were...

The other movie is the 1959 dated "The Diary of Anne Frank" which has 3 oscars & 4 nominations.

The movie is in black& white and I think the former movie is better since Anne is player by a smaller girl and shows the hope and character of Anne better.

History Channel also has a 45 minute documentary on her life which has interviews with Anne's father Otto Frank, Miep,the nice lady who helped them during hiding and Anne's childhood friends.

I need to visit Anne Frank Huis one more time...

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